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3 days ago

China goes big on affordable housing to fix economic headaches. Crude oil prices ease on economic and demand concerns. An analysis of Trump's economic plans and their feasibility. China's wealthy individuals shy away from flaunting their wealth amid economic jitters. Stay informed with Simply Economics as we delve into these key economic stories.Sources: Introduction(00:00:42) To fix economic headaches, China goes big on affordable housing(00:02:56) Oil futures: Crude prices ease on economic, demand concerns(00:05:31) Trump's economic plans include proposed tariffs, tax cuts and no taxes on tips. Details are scarce(00:06:14) 'Luxury shame': China's rich shy away from flaunting their wealth amid economic jitters

4 days ago

Burberry ousts its chief executive as the global jobs market faces a slower recovery. China's economic growth disappoints, putting pressure on luxury and fashion stocks. Plus, an interview with Hyun Song Shin on whether we have reached the limits of monetary policy. Also, the UK's economic activity gains steam in May. And, an exciting development in Australia's economic landscape with the appointment of the Economic Accelerator Advisory Board.Sources: Introduction(00:00:37) Burberry ousts chief executive; China economic growth disappoints(00:03:01) Have we reached the limits of monetary policy? With Hyun Song Shin(00:05:58) Economic activity gains steam in May(00:08:24) Australia’s Economic Accelerator Advisory Board Welcomed

5 days ago

Wall Street banks are eyeing a potential resurgence in investment banking amidst economic challenges. The economic outlook in Kern showcases both progress and challenges. Bio-Rad faces stock challenges while Cleveland enjoys a major economic boost from an international sports event. Join us as we explore these diverse economic topics and their implications for the financial sector, local economies, and investment prospects.Sources: Introduction(00:00:42) Wall Street banks eye investment banking resurgence amid multifaceted economic challenges(00:03:11) Bio-Rad: Economics Unsupportive With Capital Valued 70 Cents On The Dollar (NYSE:BIO)(00:05:46) International sports event brings millions in revenue to Cleveland

6 days ago

The Inland Empire's economic growth faces discrepancies in employment data. The proposed gravel pit near Casper Mountain sparks a debate between economic benefits and environmental preservation. Hurricane Beryl's economic impact hits hourly workers the hardest. The Massachusetts Senate passes a policy reform with potential implications for the criminal justice system. Simply Economics covers these stories to provide our viewers with insights into regional economic challenges, environmental conflicts, the impact of natural disasters on vulnerable communities, and policy changes affecting young offenders.Sources: Introduction(00:00:41) The Inland Empire is a puzzle when it comes to recent economic growth(00:03:23) Prism Logistics touts economic benefits of proposed gravel pit, but not everyone is convinced(00:05:02) Hourly workers are likely to bear the brunt of Beryl’s economic punch(00:07:32) Senate economic development bill loaded with policy and $2.86B

7 days ago

The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College welcomes Pavlina R. Tcherneva as its new president. Economic data is driving oil price movements. Morocco's economic growth prospects and government actions. Singapore's Q2 economic growth beats expectations. Stay informed with these insightful articles on Simply Economics.Sources: Introduction(00:00:41) The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College Welcomes Pavlina R. Tcherneva as New President(00:04:02) Economic Data is Driving Oil Price Movements(00:06:58) Morocco's Economic Growth: Prospects and Government Actions(00:09:25) Singapore Q2 economic growth beats expectations at 2.9% as manufacturing recovers

Thursday Jul 11, 2024

The UK economy returns to growth in May, providing relief after last year's recession. Thai consumer confidence reaches a 9-month low amid economic and political uncertainties. JPMorgan upgrades Malaysia's economic outlook, attracting renewed investor confidence. Former New York economic development leader discusses the impact of the semiconductor boom. Stay informed about these economic developments and their implications on Simply Economics.Sources: Introduction(00:00:43) UK economy returned to growth in May(00:03:07) Thai Consumer Confidence Drops to 9-Month Low Amid Economic and Political Uncertainties(00:06:15) JPMorgan upgrades Malaysia amid economic reforms, renewed investor confidence, data-centred investments(00:08:52) Former New York economic development leader on semiconductor boom

Sunday Jul 07, 2024

Explore the economic impact of migrant remittances in Tunisia. Understand the importance of the price system in capitalism. Analyze the trade school vs. college degree debate. Dive into the complexities of the American economy and its implications for politics. Join us at Simply Economics for these insightful discussions.Sources: Introduction(00:00:40) The Economic Impact of Migrant Remittances in Tunisia(00:04:02) We Have Yet to Begin Feeling the Pain(00:06:59) Is trade school now a faster path to economic success?(00:09:30) Economic signals are blinking green. Why Americans are still seeing red.

Saturday Jul 06, 2024

Vietnam's economic growth accelerates, potentially hitting 7%. Meanwhile, the American economy experiences a complex narrative of positive data and negative sentiment. Plus, gold prices soar amid economic uncertainties, and concerns arise over the Federal Reserve's handling of economic risks.Sources: Introduction(00:00:36) Vietnam accelerating economic growth could hit 7%(00:02:37) Economic signals are blinking green. Why Americans are still seeing red.(00:05:17) Gold prices soar amid economic uncertainties(00:08:08) The Fed Is Blind to Economic Risks

Thursday Jul 04, 2024

Navigating the complexities of China's economic landscape. Oil prices slide as weak U.S. economic data raises demand concerns. Stay informed about the latest developments in China's economy and the impact of weak U.S. data on oil prices.Sources: Introduction(00:00:40) Navigating the Complexities of China's Economic Landscape(00:03:49) Oil prices slide as weak U.S. economic data raises demand concerns(00:06:16) Oil prices slide as weak U.S. economic data raises demand concerns(00:08:23) Oil prices slide as weak U.S. economic data raises demand concerns

Wednesday Jul 03, 2024

China's services sector growth slows, calls for economic stimulus rise. Thailand at risk of economic slowdown on delayed fiscal spending. The rise of Global Africa: Africa and the Caribbean forge new economic partnership. Australian Dollar extends gains due to solid economic data.Sources: Introduction(00:00:42) China's Services Sector Growth Slows, Calls for Economic Stimulus Rise(00:02:45) Thailand at Risk of Economic Slowdown on Delayed Fiscal Spending(00:05:32) The rise of Global Africa: Africa and the Caribbean forge new economic partnership(00:08:55) Australian Dollar extends gains due to solid economic data


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